We are Kirpte - a one-stop point European sportswear manufacturer based in Lithuania. Our passion and experience create high-performance sportswear, athleisure, activewear and outdoor gear.

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Kirpte is a high-quality European-based sportswear manufacturing partner for new and well-established sports and outdoor wear brands.

We are based in Europe

Everything from the first proto sample to the organisation of bulk production delivery happens at our factory, based in Alytus, Lithuania. Located in the Baltic region of Europe, we are strategically placed for partnering with sports and activewear brands across the continent.


Industry-leading technology

Our world-class technology combined with progressive IT solutions enables us to fulfil even the most complex of orders. Not only can we deliver quality-finish garments using our cutting-edge machinery, but we can also reduce your production lead time and final garment cost.


Driven by innovation

At Kirpte, we are driven by innovation. That's why our manufacturing complex in Alytus is equipped with the latest technology. We bring together our expertise in textiles and innovative manufacturing methods to turn your ideas into long-lasting and functional garments.


Reliable Expert team

Our skilled team is passionate about working together with brands to realise their visions and find solutions to challenges. Working with multiple world wide sportswear brands has empowered us to identify the latest industry trends and gain a complete understanding of the customer needs within the industry.


100% order fulfilment service

We take care of your order fulfilment in-house so that your garments are expertly handled, from start to finish, by our team of professionals. Our order fulfilment process is accurate, consistent and includes effective communications between you and our team.


Planet-conscious business

We are committed to continuously improve our sustainability practices. Whenever we can, we try making the smallest carbon footprint possible, starting in our own backyard. Our factory runs on renewable energy, and most of our textile suppliers are based in Europe for more sustainable access.


3 manufacturing myths busted by Kirpte
“Producing sportswear in Europe is more expensive than manufacturing it overseas.”

Not anymore. Thanks to our streamlined production, Kirpte strives to offer competitive prices.

“Manufacturing and printing of textiles is unethical and damaging to the environment.”

Not at Kirpte. Today, our next-generation manufacturing solutions are smarter and more eco-friendly.

“Only huge orders can be accepted for production.”

No. At Kirpte, we are happy to work with both small and established sportswear brands.

3 manufacturing myths busted by Kirpte
At Kirpte,

we specialise in durable and sustainable garment production for activewear and leisure wear.We use world-renowned technology and creative approaches to achieve our life's mission - to help you bring your brand's vision to life.

Our stylish yet functional outdoor wear includes insulated garments for a windproof and waterproof adventure at any time of year. Learn more
Supply your customers with the ultimate team kits across a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, rugby, ice hockey, lacrosse, volleyball and more. Learn more
A blend of activewear and leisure/streetwear that allows your customers to feel comfortable in a yoga/fitness class or on a casual lunch date. Learn more
High-performance products for your customers who love running, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, cycling or playing tennis. Learn more
Our fully automated Lectra cutting room can cut multiple fabric piles for a speedy, high-quality and consistent result.
We use heavy-duty sewing machines, including overlock, flatlock, bartacking, button, buttonhole, chain stitch, cover stitch and more.
Our industry-leading Mutoh printers and Monti Antonio heat press machines guarantee optimal quality and uniformity during the sublimation process.
Highest quality bonding is achieved using industry leading Macpi machinery.
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